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Bavarian Stove


  • Big thermal mass
  • Quick construction
  • Modular design
  • Custom and hand made
  • Highly efficient cooking
  • Reliable and durable

 Bavarian Stove  is a unique blend of old  European  stove making traditions with  modern   approaches creating together a highly efficient  home energy centre  for heating, cooking and hot water supply .     It is a real custom made stove, which we design together in close interaction with you to suit your specific needs.    It consists of functional modules joined in various combinations, which means  that every stove we build is unique.

The stove is made  of top quality firebricks creating significant  thermal mass like traditional masonry IMG_2150stove has and makes it very durable .  At the same time, it is enclosed into a sturdy metal case with multiple forged elements that has special look and creates additional thermal features such as air circulation under the stove and enhanced radiant heat release from surface.   The metal case  is delivered prefabricated  to the place and then firebricks are laid inside which makes the building process very quick  –  only 2-3 working days depending on stove type.

The main module is a cooking stove with upper plate that has removable rings to provide and regulate most efficient cooking mode.   Another module is a baking  oven. We highly recommend it  since bread  baked  in it has very special taste!

The next optional module is a mass heater connected to the cooking stove  to use residual heat from the stove and  bring the overall  efficiency  to 90 percent.  The mass heater made as either hot wall or hot bench.

And finally is the water-heating module that can provide potentially all family hot water needs.

20161022_085904_resized (1)The specific elements for the kitchen stove such as firebox doors and oven types you choose yourself from our partner producer catalogue.

The stove dimensions are 100x 60cm with the baking oven and 70x50cm without one.  The height is usually standard 85 cm, which however can be modified on your demand.

The firebox doors can be on the left or right front stove plate depending on your preferences with the oven door on the left or right side respectively.  The attached mass heater can be built as hot bench or as a hot wall depending on your preferences and interior design demands.  The hot bench opens up possibility for using the stove  as direct conduct heater upon one can sleep, relax or just get warm as it was traditionally used in many cultures (in Russia, China, Germany).  The hot bench/wall is also built in prefabricated metal case and raised above on forged legs to enhance thermal output.

The hot bench/wall mass heater can also be arranged differently in space in relation to the  cooking stove—on the right or left side from it as well in front or behind.  This gives incredible flexibility for your interior design opportunities.

Size of the hot bench/wall is usually 200 x 50 cm.  However, it can be modified according to your needs.

The price of each stove starts from 1 000 EUR for the simple functional type without oven and mass heater and  up to 5 000 EUR for the designs that include oven, hot bench or wall and water heating element.

Contact us and let’s talk about possible stove that we could build together with you!