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Blending Ecology and Blacksmithing, Vienna, November 26/27

Blending Ecology and Blacksmithing, Vienna, November 26/27

On November 26-27 a practical workshop”Postindustrial blacksmithing or blending blacksmith art and ecological science together”. Leading speaker and demonstrator master eco-smith Bogdan Popov.

The event took place at the Research Institute for Wildlife Ecology in Vienna. The main audience were students of the University of Applied Arts as well as hosting institute stuff.

The workshop was built around using sustainable blacksmith practices as an example which can be extrapolated to other human activities.

Topics included:

  1. History of the blacksmith art evolution . Blacksmithing in the postindustrial world.
  2. The art of staying light.
  3. Space. Where and how to organize a forge.
  4. Energy. Fuel and electricity. Making own charcoal.
  5. The hearth. Making a simple side blast forge. Blowers. Smoke evacuation.
  6. Anvils and their types. Setting up the anvil.
  7. The art of body. Using human body efficiently for producing blows.
  8. The art of hammer. Types of hammers.
  9. The techniques. Making nails, hooks and leaves.
  10. Making a candleholder.
  11. Making blacksmith tongs.
  12. Working with steel. Identifying carbon. Heat treatment.
  13. Making a chisel.
  14. Making a knife.
  15. Forge welding.
  16. Summary. Social role of a blacksmith. The outlook for the future.

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