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1 Cartridge composting toilet


  • Reduced contact with human wastes for those who provide maintenance.
  • Opportunity to provide complete composting for the human wastes without stopping the toilet operation
  • Flexibility in terms of users number (load)
  • Opportunity for creating a centralized maintenance service

Operating principle

The toilet uses  ventilated cartridge which is inserted into toilet and receives both feces and urine together with bulk material (wood shavings) and toilet paper.  The leachate from the cartridge is filtering out through the bottom of the cartridge and either infiltrated to the soil (if conditions allow) or treated by  biofilter.

When full the cartridge is removed from the toilet, marked with date and put into the external insulated composting compartment with constant temperature and humidity that allows  quickest possible process composting and pathogen destruction.  As result the content of cartridge is turned into safe,  good smelling earth-like substance.  After that finished material (humus)   can be used as soil amendment.