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Blacksmith training


School of postindustrial blacksmithing

Teacher: Bogdan Popov

Learning blacksmithing with the emphasis on:

  • Simplicity
  • Use of local available resources and materials
  • Self-sifficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Compatibility with natural and human environment
  • Producing useful products for the local community (e.g. tools )
  • Minimisation of waste and pollution
  • Positive social role of a blacksmith within local communities
  • Minimal use of high-input power tools
  • Preservation of ancient blacksmith traditions

The beginners course outline (6 days program)

  1. Fuel and energy. How to make your own char coal
  2. Forge. How to make a simple side blast forge out of readily available materials
  3. Smithy.       Space. Equipment . Tools. Materials
  4. Hammer. Technique of blows. Stance
  5. Drawing, cutting and bending. Making cramp-irons and hooks.
  6. Making nails
  7. Spreading. Making a leaf, a dress hook and an arrow-head
  8. Punching holes. Making a door handle.
  9. Upsetting. Making a candle-holder.
  10. Making blacksmith tongs.
  11. Heat treatment. Making a chisel and punch
  12. Making knifes and other blades.
  13. Forge welding

For details and to register for the course contact:

Bogdan Popov