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Bogdan Popov’s Anvil


Bogdan Popov’s anvil   was created specially for practicing the ancient art of blacksmithing in its pure form and based on ancient stake anvil design.

The anvil has following advantages:

  • Very low noise level produced during  work
  • The anvil can be taken out of  pipe very quickly for safe storage
  • Forging is more effective compared to the common type anvils of the same weight. A lot more massive pieces (up to 5 kg) can be worked upon it.       At the same time   the small weight of the anvil and pipe together (40 kg) makes it a very practical travelling anvil one can use at different festivals, demonstration, etc.

The face has convex surface which gives incredible free forging opportunities. The horn has egg-shape cross section to provide additional opportunities ( speed up drawing, forming steps, notches etc.). The back of the anvil opposite to the horn has a dovetail notch that has one end being sharper and used as a built-in hardie and the other elongated and used a square horn .  The triangular notch in between is used multifunctionaly for punching, bending, etc.

All this features in whole give a precise universal tool, especially for blade making or forge welding.

The anvil is cast from carbon steel by evaporative model method. Each model is custom made by hands .After casting and recrystalisation annealing, the anvil surface is ground, polished and then zone hardened and tempered.

The anvil is set into specially forged pipe, resting on a steel plate. For best results it is recommended to have a massive concrete base under the plate.

Around the pipe the lateral support is made usually of metal drum filled with stones, earth, etc.   that loads the plate and provides stability of the anvil as well as creates a handy tool table around it.

Parameters of the base anvil model:

  • Face 120×150 mm
  • Height 240 mm
  • Horn length 180 mm
  • Wight 27 kg
  • Face hardness 58 HRC