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1 Composting toilets

Composting toilets offer a very good sanitation solution in situations where centralized or water based sewer is unavailable, the water is in deficiency or it has to provide proper treatment for waste water.

The idea of compost toilet is that human wastes undergo through the process of natural decomposition in special container and no water is used for flushing them.  Although some people claim that compost toilets are most ecological solution compared to water based one – we do not think so.   The water toilet can be a part of extremely ecologically sound system. It is also possible that water toilet can be also a compost toilet and the wastes are flushed to compost chamber.

We have long practical experience of designing and building compost toilets especially public ones.

At the moment we are offering the new model of compost toilet we have developed which is based on catridge  principle.  The receptacle for human wastes is made as cassette which is removed from  toilet compartment when gets full and replaced with new empty one.   The full cassette then undergo the process of composting for 1 year during which the content turns into humus and pathogens are completely destroyed.

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The toilet can be designed to your specific needs and funds available.  It can be very simple and quite complicated with great level of comfort offered.

The cost of the simple toilet may start from 500 EUR and extend to several thousands.

Below are the examples of the toilets we had designed and built.

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