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biopot3Biopot is a closed loop waste water treatment system and  beautiful landscape object.   We build them to provide sustainable saniation solutions.

Due to heavy  insulation   it is able to perform its functions in every climate including very  cold conditions maintaining steady  temperature inside to support bacterial and earth worms population and run the water treatment biological processes.

The biopot is usually installed as a secondary treatment step after septic tanks to work as a single pass or recirculation media filter. With some design modifications    biopot  can also be used as a primary filter without presettling.

The filtering  substrate  – biochar (charcoal) is periodically replaced in biopot. The extracted  biochar  charged with nutrients  and beneficial organisms  then applied  as soil amendment   and fertilizer.

The performance of bifilter is  enhanced by earth worms which feed on substrate biopot 1biofilm and help maintaining   aerobic conditions.

Biopots  are followed by next  treatment steps, usually constructed wetlands or ground infiltration systems .  Due to biopot treatment  their size can be significantly reduced.

The biopots  can be used in sequence potentially treating  waste water to a very high degree.

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